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It only takes visiting a few therapeutic websites to see that many of us have some of the same basic skills. These typically include the ability to empathize, work from a cognitive-behavioral standpoint and utilize developmental patterns to help you understand more about yourself.  Like most, I have a good grasp of various counseling theories and modalities such as psychodynamic, time-limited, object-relations, attachment and solution-focused approaches. These are important skills to have and yet, if your desire to really feel and be alive, it might require more.

As a Jesus follower, I believe that deep change can take place in our work together because of the willingness to weave theology and psychology together in a way that produces results. All of this takes place from a relational perspective.  What is unique about the relational approach is that our work together will address the symptoms that cause impasses in your life and if you wish, to also draw us near and experience the sources of impasse in a way that will more likely bring about long-lasting change.

Jesus’ high regard of humanity was captured in a statement by Saint Irenaeus who said, “The glory of God is man fully alive.”  This still remains true for you and I today and best represents my therapeutic framework and outlook for us in therapy.

I understand that your time and money are valuable so it is my goal to make the best use of them. Most issues can be assessed and addressed with 12 to 30 one-hour sessions depending upon the complexity of your story and the severity of the problem you are facing. For example, if you have experienced significant childhood trauma, therapy may require some extra time.

I enjoy working with people from all creeds and faiths. My faith calls me to respect and assist all peoples regardless of their personal beliefs. If I ever find that my values and beliefs hinder my work with you or your ability to work with me, I will make these known to you as soon as possible and take the necessary steps to help you experience the best possible care.

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